Commercial Services


Hammer Construction’s diverse industry experience coupled with competitive rates and innovative design solutions help us provide additional value to our clients.  We are a family owned and operated business, and we pride ourselves on exceeding expectations, providing outstanding service, safe operations and superb quality. With our experienced crews and our wide variety of new equipment, Hammer Construction can handle complex construction challenges to meet our customer’s needs.

It is important to point out that there is a distinct advantage to having the utility and paving contractor also perform the site work. Since these phases often overlap, having one contractor perform them reduces coordination issues, provides a single point of contact, and eliminates any conflict between the phases of construction. Our main services include:

Site Work

site work

Accurate site preparation is critical in the first phase on construction projects as all remaining phases of construction rely on the initial site work to be completed precisely to owner specifications.

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Utility Work


We provide excavation and utility services for clients of all sizes. For each construction site, we can install or repair Storm and Sewer Systems, Water Lines and Utility Runs.

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Adding concrete to build or enhance your existing business facilities can be difficult. We understand from experience how important it is to meet all specification requirements for paving and concrete projects, and we can plan your project based on that experience. 

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